Structured Legal Counsel

Settling legal disputes can be a frightening, difficult, and emotional experience. The Allen Law firm is prepared to offer counsel in a vast range of areas of law. Areas include, but are not limited to


If you or your loved one is accused of a criminal charge a strong defense is your key to justice.



Family matters are often exhausting, let The Allen Law Firm handle strategic negotiations to secure your personal future.


Divorce & Alimony

The end of a marriage is an unsettling event for any couple to go through. There are many aspects that need to be dealt with during the course of a divorce, it is in your best interest to find a skilled attorney as quickly as possible. A knowledgeable attorney will give you with the guidance you need to make the process as painless as possible.


Personal Injury

Ensure you’re compensated for the pain and suffering you’re experiencing due to wrongful conduct. Let us evaluate your case to identify opportunities for you to recuperate your loss.



Whether it is a pre-termination issue, unemployment hearing, hostile work environment, wrongful termination litigation or many other employment related not hesitate to contact The Allen Law Firm immediately for your free consult to see how we can assist you in the absolute preservation of your rights.


Workers Compensation

Know your rights to workers compensation benefits, give us a call today.


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